Many local entrepreneurs eventually run into problems with local banks when they apply for financing of their business plan. Complaints like: “The banks are too conservative!” and “They keep asking me for more information that I barely know how to provide!” are all too common. It is easy to jump on the complaining bandwagon, but is this just one side of the story?

Meet mr. Dieudonne van der Veen, an expert in financial modeling, including business planning. Mr. van der Veen is frequently asked by local banks to assist their clients with their financial modeling and financial turn over.

The Dutch Caribbean Association of Economists is happy to announce that mr. van der Veen will share his wealth of knowledge with the Economist Association.

The lecture will cover advanced techniques and tools in financial modeling, stress testing and multi year projections. Moreover, the information provided will be within the context of the relevant requirements of the local banks.

If you need to step up your business plan writing game to the next level, register for this event.

Date: Friday August 28, 2020, 5pm. Location will be sent after registration and in advance of the presentation date.

Snacks and drinks will be provided.

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