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The tourism sector has become the primary contributor to the gross domestic product (GDP), employment, and foreign exchange earnings in Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao (the ABC-islands). Aruba had already experienced this phenomenon a few decades earlier, and now it’s also the case for Bonaire and Curacao. This has led to a surge in construction activities on the islands. Consequently, the economies have become heavily reliant on tourism and vulnerable to developments therein. Perhaps too reliant?

With the growth and strong dependence on tourism come challenges for the economic and social infrastructure, housing, congestion, environment, etc. How do we address these challenges now and in the future? How does Aruba handle them, and what can Bonaire and Curacao learn from it?

The central question of this symposium is: where do we stand with tourism, what is its impact on the economy and our society; where are we headed with tourism in the future, what challenges do we see in the next five years, how can we make tourism sustainable, how can residents be part of the tourism success, and what tourism policy will we implement on our island?

Program for April 12, 2024, at the auditorium of Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint Maarten.

8:30Registration & coffee 
9:00Opening -President of the Association of Dutch Caribbean EconomistsLeo Rigaud
 Member of ADCERob van den Bergh
 Central Bank of ArubaElmelynn Croes
 Central Bureau of Statistics Dutch CaribbeanHenk van de Velde
 Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint MaartenCandice Henriquez
10:20PANEL DISCUSSION led by Lysette Cova 
11:00Aruba Tourism  Authority  (pre-recorded interview)Ronella Croes
 Directorate Physical Development and Planning/ Economic Affairs.Richard Arends
 Tourism expert for Curacao / Co-author of ‘The strategic Tourism Destination Development plan’Dino Daal
12:15PANEL DISCUSSION led by Dennis Arrindell 
12:45Closing remarksLeo Rigaud

You can find the full presentations here.

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  1. Harry Victoria

    Maak meer gebruik van de kennis van gepensioneerden die tegen weinig kosten direct ingezet kunnen worden in de verdere ontwikkeling van het Land Curacao.

  2. Anoniem

    Mooi en goed initiatief! Dit is een thema dat in het Antilliaans Dagblad ( al een tijd de vereiste aandacht krijgt en zal blijven krijgen. Succes met het symposium!

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